segunda-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2013


Here are some great ideas to have a Blast on New Year´s Eve in NY

The McKittrick Hotel rings in the new year with The King's Winter Masquerade.

Sleep No More will spend another New Year's Eve celebrating The King's Winter Masquerade in several rooms of The McKittrick Hotel. The festive event is set to begin at 10:30pm, immediately following that evening's performance of Sleep No More.

Queen of the Night at Paramount Hotel

75 years after the original opening, the legendary Diamond Horseshoe club will re-open at the Paramount Hotel for the "Queen of the Night" New Years Eve party and you can expect compelling theatrical acts.

Ball Drop Times Square


Dropping since 1907, the Times Square Ball is the iconic symbol that lives atop One Times Square. Festivities formally begin in the early evening with the raising of the ball at around 6 p.m.The hours before the drop are preceded by hourly countdowns for the arrival of the new year in other countries, along with live music performances by popular musicians.

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