sexta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2014

Electric Friday

Hot Spot in New York, The Electric Room!

Unique. British style. Chesterfield sofas, beautiful light fixtures. Interesting art on the walls. Small dancing space.

Celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Helena Christensen and Lindsay Lohan have been seen here. 

Also NYC's in vogue, hipster night owls love this place. 

Best nights here are Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and definitely SUNDAY night / model night when they only play hiphop. 

Eclectic. Models, celebs, older NY rockstar die hards, but also kids at drinking age, looking all trendy. At ER, you'll find a lot of New Yorkers that actually really grew up here for a change. ER is a safe haven for NY's local hipsters, that is not yet trashed by too many tourists.

Other than on Sunday/model/hiphop night, mostly pop music.

Electric Room's Vibe:
Sexy, dark and mysterious. 

"The symptoms of Social disease: You want to go out every night because you’re afraid if you stay home you might miss something." Andy Warhol

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